A Rainbow Party is, in all actuality, so that guys can brag to each other how popular they are. The girls wear a different colored lipstick each, suck off the guys they think are hot, until all of the do-able guys have been revealed. Then the guys count how many colors they have, and compare.

Ladies and gentleman of Urban Dictionary, it IS real! I had a good amount of girls in my class, year 2000, come up to ask if I wanted to join. There were pictures all over the school, not in the eyes of teachers, that I got to view and I was quite ashamed! Never even heard of Oprah talking about it, and neither had any of these girls. I assure you, Oprah did not make it up!
John could not believe how many colors he had on his penis! He thought surely he'd only get three at the very least. The sudden boost of confidence he felt was well worth the unease he had had before he joined in on the rainbow party.
by Miss Spider August 08, 2009
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When a male recieves oral sex from different hoes with different shades of lipstick
i had to wash my penis after the rainbow party.
by Pimp Master mo April 08, 2007
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Let me start off by saying, rainbow parties are dumb. And before you stop reading, just hear me out.
OBVIOUS reason #1: Why do guys want RAINBOWS on their... well on any body part for that matter. Rainbows are connected with being gay. So why a straight guy would want a rainbow colored dick is beyond me.
OBVIOUS reason #2: Does it not disturb any of you guys out there that the girl who is putting her "mark" on you just had her mouth on another's guy's dick? Imagine this: precum from another guy being transferred onto your dick from this girl's mouth.
OBVIOUS reason #3: Wouldn't you much rather a girl give you a full on blowjob than to give you her "mark"?
OBVIOUS reason #3: Oh wow, I got a rainbow on my dick. But I'm still horny because these girls' mouths have been all over me and I haven't got off.
by Jimmy March 03, 2005
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well besides the Oprah making the whole thing up...it is now a book! where an oprah follower got an idea!
book guy:
wow i believe oprah because she has her own tv show and thinks she know everything
Oprah: yes i do think i kno everyting and have a tv show
by sarah jones June 11, 2005
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A rainbow party appears to be something that teens who are (or wish to be) sexually active attend. There is an equal number of boys and girls I'm assuming the same number as in a rainbow (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet). The girls each wear a different lipstick and take turns giving the BOYS pleasure while the girls get nothing. I imagine that mostly horndog teen boys attend, along with the few sluty girls and mostly the rest girls who wish to fit in. If girls want to feel used and like dirt they should attend these parties.
Rainbow parties were after my time, and I only heard about them resently from the book "Rainbow Parties". I have no problem believing that they are true, and I'm only in my early 20's. The young kids that think that Oprah made this up to trick parents is nonsense. Kids are getting sexually active younger and younger doing things like blowing an entire JV football team. Wake up and smell the coffee. Young kids often regret an encounter with one person, why would anyone want to relive a situation like a rainbow party over and over in their mind? (and good god if you insist on going use protection, no one is invinsable....)
by dontbestupid July 30, 2005
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a party where girls wear differnt color lipstick and suck the guys there's dick and who ever has the best "rainbow" wins
guy 1 :i cant get all the lipstick off my cock

guy 2: must have been a wild rainbo party

guy 1: sure was
by lil jon March 10, 2005
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