26 definitions by randy [blur] robbins

when your only relations with a female is to have sex or give her your erectile penis and a piece of chewing gum
i dont love these hoes all they get is Hard Dick And Bubblegum
by randy [blur] robbins March 31, 2006
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Police Secretly Watching Hip-Hop Artists
Yo, pull over and buy these hiphop polices some doughnuts.. they been following us for the last 100 miles..
by randy [blur] robbins February 03, 2006
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slang of Grinding

1. to dance, or dry-hump, rather agains a fine bitch in tha club; an erotic rotation of the pelvis

2. crush, pulverize, or reduce to powder by friction, especially by rubbing between two hard surfaces

3. To, be, stunt(ting) ice, bling, or jewrely

4. to wear down, polish, or sharpen

5. a Skating trick, to grind on a rail

6. a tight ass song "Grindin" by Clipes and Pharrell Williams from NERD :)
1. grinding (dry-hump-dance)

2. grind wheat into flour.

3. grinding (studnting) or flaunting, showing off ones possesions

4. to grind the teeth

5. grind that rail

6. "I'm just grindin' man, ya'll neva mind me"
by randy [blur] robbins May 23, 2003
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Fake or not real
Poser of Wankster
Not underground; Commertial rap

Soft (Chewy) type raps
that new 50 album is too bubble gun
by randy [blur] robbins March 19, 2005
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Straight up, exactly without lying
Not cool, stooped to a new low level of respect (Cold Blooded)
Low temperatures
Common cold
A hard rock band
We just hangin out; cold chillin
Why'd you have to go and kick Jimmy in the nuts? That was cold
Yo it's cold as fuck outside
I stayed home from school today 'cause I got a cold
Did you go to the new Cold concert?
by randy [blur] robbins February 24, 2006
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