Someone who is exceptionally bitchy or rude.
"Blair slammed the door in my face."
"What a raging cunt."
by McCasland May 17, 2005
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When you punch a girl in the cunt so hard she rages and screams louder than a blender.
The act of punching a girl in the cunt as hard as you can to successfully make her become a raging cunt blender.
by BeatingUpMidgets April 3, 2016
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A Raging Starbucks Cunt is a raging cunt who LIVES at starbucks and typically order's some long named drink and takes pictures of it for instagram.

an example of the drinks there order -> "double chocolate twisty nips gang bang extra S A U C E shit in my grandad's hole latte" An example of "A raging Starbucks Cunt" is the following
charlie: Hey look she's A Raging Starbucks Cunt taking a picture of her drink.

eric: Yeah she's 100% taking that for instagram.

some smart ass: not all ugly thots that take pictures of there double chocolate twisty nips gang bang extra S A U C E shit in my grand dads hole latte's are doing it for instagram.

charlie and eric at the same time: Yes, all of them.

some smart ass: No!

charlie: betcha your life she's on instagram.

some smart ass: sure

Raging Starbucks Cunt: Yeah im on instagram. uwu rawr.

some smart ass: that bet was a joke right? r-r-right??!?!?!?

(gun shots and screams)
by ugly niglet July 12, 2019
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raging cunt bitch sent from hell! usually a friend you love to hate or a stepmom
Ehmagawd! Kemmy is being such a fucking cunt rage today!
by Skylarskank June 15, 2008
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