Raggamuffin (or ragga) is a kind of reggae rap that includes digitized backing instrumentation. It is a form of dancehall, and has been popular since the middle of the 1980s; "(Under Me) Sleng Teng" (Wayne Smith; 1985) is usually recognized as the first ragga song. The instrumentation is usually behind dub singing, which is similar to rapping in its focus on rhythmic, assonating and rhyming words.

Ragga is the short form of raggamuffin, a term which held its present musical connotations since the late 1980s or beginning of 1990s. The term raggamuffin is derived from the Middle English personal name "Ragamuffyn", which was usually employed in an insulting manner towards street children. The word later came to mean a person who is shabbily clothed and dirty, often applied to orphans. It was used in this way to describe Kingston ghetto youth, and the youth themselves took on the term to describe their new music.
The name was used early on in album titles by Asher D & Daddy Freddy - "Raggamuffin Hip-Hop" as well as the Daddy Freddy songs "Ragga House" with Simon Harris or "Ragga Rock" with Led Zeppelin.
by Sarah B January 8, 2006
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A homeless or poverty-stricken child. Usually refers to those kids you see in movies set in the 1800's, with those gloves that are cut off at the finger-tips and that wear those beret-like caps. Usually brown-haired and big-eyed.
"Pwease, sir! Spare a doime for my medicine moneys! *COUGH! HACK! SPLUTTER!*"
by B-Drac December 14, 2003
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a word some rastas use to call people instead of their names
Police pull mi ova talkin bout him smell bud

From mi look inna him face and know this bwoy have a plan

Juju touch mi pon my shoulda seh di bwoy a demon

First ting him waan to know is where dat smell is comin from

Are you smokin marijuana and I said yes I am

True him seh some man trance seh it cost a couple grand

Him seh mek mi see di license and registration

And where are yuh headed what's yuh occupation

Dun know seh raggamuffin nah go answer question
by whiteboydreadshaha May 4, 2011
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anyone who lives in trash can, uses mcdonalds burger wrappers for blankets at night, drinks from puddles, and/or chooses to dress in such a way that makes them look sloppy/disheveled.
Nice sweatpants you raggity-ass raggamuffin

Hey you know that girl Ashley?
by numberr2 June 27, 2009
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Its an old fashioned 'chav'. It's a sort of person who gets away with everything and is hated by adults.
God that lad over there is a raggamuffin!!
by Just Luisa and Christoph May 24, 2010
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An old pirate word that means scoundrel. A troublesome person, mainly a child. A poverty-stricken person.
You sir have nothing better to do than disturb others, therefore you are a raggamuffin!
by Codymc August 3, 2007
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a person that listens to reggae and considers everyone a muffin
im such a raggamuffin
by catoracwolverinemassacre December 8, 2009
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