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The act of masturbation while enraged, furious, or in an otherwise aggressive state of mind in order to attempt to release the negative feelings. Not to be confused with passive-agresterbation
I was so pissed when my girlfriend dumped me that I spent all of the next day in an act of ragesterbation to her image.
by Reese Cuppy October 17, 2010
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To masturbate due to being extremely angry over someone or something. Typically, this occurs when one is owned at a video game or shunned from a group.
Person 1: "You are grounded, go to your room."
Person 2: "Man why you hatin' on the young folk?"
Person 1: "Room, now!"
Person 2: "Aw man, I'm mad as a mofo!" (begins to masturbate in fury)
Person 1: "What the hell?!"
Person 2: (cums on Person 1's face) "Awwwh, yeah boi!"
Person 1: "OMFG, WTF!"
Person 3: "Don't worry, it's just ragesterbation."
by randomguy36 April 02, 2014
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