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A large quantity of awesome frequently found in female form. Can also be used to describe an something of incredible rarity and uniqueness. Not to be confused with rachel, who is a slut.
Holy cow, did you see that girl at the lobster races? She's so awesome that her name must be Raechel!
by Leopards and Hookers May 16, 2008
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An exquisitely beautiful woman who you want to kiss and hug until the end of time. Loves to love and loves to be loved. The kind of woman who can make you laugh even on the saddest day. You would do anything to be with her, if only for a second. Everything about her is purely divine. Once you let her into your heart, you will have eyes for no-one else, forevermore. Raechel IS love.
All my dreams have come true. I have finally met a Raechel.
by YourGG February 13, 2010
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