A large quantity of awesome frequently found in female form. Can also be used to describe an something of incredible rarity and uniqueness. Not to be confused with rachel, who is a slut.
Holy cow, did you see that girl at the lobster races? She's so awesome that her name must be Raechel!
by Leopards and Hookers May 16, 2008
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a crazy, free spirited woman that loves to spread their wings and fly. Is known to do things out of the ordinary. She is the girl next door, but is wild and sexy at what ever she does. Some have been known to be tom-boys and country girls.
Raechell Likes to become the one to say "Hey Ya'll! Watch this!".
by crazygurl79 February 3, 2010
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The happiest person ever who is so friendly and hilarious all the time. She is great at imitations and always knows how to make you laugh. ONE OF THE BEST FRIENDS YOU COULD EVER HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was the best Lexi imitation! Wow ur such a Raechelle.
by blaaaaaaaah <3 June 6, 2011
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An exquisitely beautiful woman who you want to kiss and hug until the end of time. Loves to love and loves to be loved. The kind of woman who can make you laugh even on the saddest day. You would do anything to be with her, if only for a second. Everything about her is purely divine. Once you let her into your heart, you will have eyes for no-one else, forevermore. Raechel IS love.
All my dreams have come true. I have finally met a Raechel.
by YourGG February 13, 2010
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Raechel, not to be mistaken for Rachel, who's a fake friend and SLUT, is a athletic and beautiful young lady. Mature but childish, curses a lot but is still great with younger kids. Your gay best friend.
p1: Hey Raechel!
Raechel: Whats up fucker.
p1: Nothing hoe hbu.
by gaybestfriend May 5, 2019
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A girl that isn’t that tall. She is thick,as she grow she will get more thick. She’s beautiful. An easy person to talk to when known. Drama free, a lot of boys want her but hides it. She active and believes in her self she loves sports. Raechelle is a unique name for a unique girl!!
All the boys want them a Raechelle..
by Akayla.lovely😍 December 9, 2017
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An Ass,full of depression, usually always short, likes to hit there friends, acts like a baby, usually a best friend, helps others, lives for different hair styles.
"God...Raechelle, no."
by pisscopaileean May 3, 2009
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