Posh superstore in London mostly used by rich snobs.
Delia:Why, good evening, Charles, look at my Dolce Et Gabana shoes!
by Sucajo August 2, 2004
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A dude who wasn’t on the urban dictionary before this, so he is irrelevant (oh and he needs friends)
Jacob Harrod needs friends
by Wheyheyheyhey:) October 25, 2020
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A nice guy who has a big rack. Also is a commie liberal
Oh wow that guys tits are so big he must be a Harrod!
by Brodie cock monkey shart November 22, 2021
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He is a really great guy, handsome,funny, sexy and has a good dick.He loves his girlfriend more than anything.PERFECT/BOYFRIEND MATERIAL
I wish I had someone like Harrods in my life

I could never beat Harrods he is so sexy
If I get a chance I would fuck him
by Sxlo November 26, 2021
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a person with an extremely small penis that likes to think he’s a body builder.
mason greenwood hides in his pillow and his parents are claire and steve who everyone loves very much
by finclews August 9, 2022
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