She uttered a racy word to her friend and started trying to chat me up.
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1)a very sexy girl, only some can pull that name off
3)sexual impropriety
1) Yo theres racy, shes got one sexy ass
2) woah she's/thats racy
3) so racy of her
by tena December 27, 2005
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when something is a little racist or seems racist.
Ted just called the brown kid on the soccer team "explosive of the field" seems kind of racy to me...
by mikeoxmaulwasalreadyinuse March 18, 2021
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The girl who will steal your man if you do her dirty
I heard he left her for a raci
by gracieb May 30, 2020
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A super hot, loving girl who tends to be slightly bipolar. She usually loves her family. She normally has a young daughter attached to her hip. Sometimes you can find a Raci wearing her grandmother's undees while her boyfriend works out. (When he's her bf anyways!)
Wow, these polka dotted hanes look like something a Raci would wear.
by psychicdoe April 30, 2015
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Another word for race, normally typed by a person who doesn’t know how to spell.
How many of us are human? All of us, right? That’s our racis human.
by DevChop July 13, 2018
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