1)a very sexy girl, only some can pull that name off
3)sexual impropriety
1) Yo theres racy, shes got one sexy ass
2) woah she's/thats racy
3) so racy of her
by tena December 27, 2005
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When two races are compared and one is allotted more slack (see affirmative action)
Yo, that white guy and black dude are fighting for 1st place, They should let the black homie win, yo.

Fuck that, you can't call racies, Bro.
by DB0723 February 19, 2006
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She is very beautiful, and yet so hilarious, the most friendly girl you'll ever come across yet her looks are fierce. She is hilarious and she's always the life of any gathering. Racy is bold and she's not afraid to face her problems head on. Racy has fears too but she doesn't let them get the best of her. She is daring and she is determined to be very successful. Racy is unpredictable and she has multiple personalities. Children loves Racy as well, she also loves them just as much. Racy is very fun to be around. Racy is intelligent and very creative. Racy could be sentimental and Racy could also be the opposite. Racy is the only vibe you need. Because whatever spice you want, Racy's got it ready for you.
Mia said, "oh!, I wish I could be more like Racy"
Racy is so beautiful

She is so Racy

Her confidence should be more like Racy's.
by Star gazer R. August 05, 2019
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