1. Anyone winning an arguement with a liberal. It does not matter what the arguement is, if a conservative is winning it, they are a racist. Also anyone not supporting all liberal ideas and beliefs.
At a political debate..

Conservative: I don't support (insert liberal idea here)

Liberal: You're just saying that because you're a racist.
by Alexander Popkov August 10, 2006
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People who are more obsessed with thinking about the past rather than thinking about their future.

see also ignorant and idiot
Racists of any color or nationality are ignorant fucktards.
by racists can fuck themselves April 22, 2005
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1.(noun) one who dislikes/hates people of (a) certain race(s) due to the belief that that race's stereotype(s) are true and dislikes/hates them for it.

2.(adj) the state of being a racist

usually caused by lack of social contact with the race they hate/dislike thus can only assume what they've heard about that race to be true OR the person has had a bad social experiance with that race thus causing the person to asosiate everyone of that race with that bad experiance and assumes everyone of that race will be the same.
a mexican stole a 6 pack of beer, near by a white cop suddenly shot the man 7-10 times with out warning and said: he could have had a gun. or something like that. the cop was a racist but you cant tell why from this info alone. by reading this a person can become racist towards whites, the narrator's race, and/or mexicans. THIS IS A TRUE THAT I WITNESSED
by watzitoya August 01, 2008
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Ignorant, closed-minded people who know nothing about the real world and other ethnicities, races, cultures, or religions.
When I was in the South I saw some rednecks yelling at a black guy. What racists.
by starwarsgeek133 May 14, 2010
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people that log on www.urbandictionary.com i'm mean damn can't we just finally get along together!!
man 1: damn people are racist on this urban dictionary.

man 2: damn you are right we should just get along with everybody together.
by Bill O. Proctor February 16, 2009
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What you are if you disagree with Obama.

During the evening of August 6, 2009 at Rep. Russ Carnahan’s town hall meeting in South St. Louis County, Ken Gladney, an African-American vendor selling 'Don't Tread on Me" flags and buttons, was approached by a Caucasian Service Employees International Union (SEIU) member:

SEIU White Guy: Who in the fuck is selling this shit here?

Gladney: Sir, I am. Are you interested in a flag?

SEIU White Guy: What kind of n*gger are you to be giving out this kind of stuff? (grabs button board)

Gladney: Sir, I have my opinion on Obama's Healthcare reform, but I'm not here to demonstrate for and against. I'm just trying to make a few extra bucks in these tough times. (attempts to grab his button board back)

SEIU White Guy: Boy, how could you be against Obama? You deserve a beat down you racist fucking n*gger.

SEIU Black Guy: Yeah!!! Fuck these racists! Let's teach this n*gger a lesson. (six total SEIU members start swinging, Gladney, a 150 pound guy, was knocked down and kicked countless times, including the face, while he was on the ground)
by SpeakUpFightBack August 10, 2009
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