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A term gaining popularity in the Bay Area, used to describe a personal packed bowl of weed. They usually fuck you up with one.
Do you want another chinger?

Hell no i'm fucked up with one nigger!
by maryjane420 July 10, 2012
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someone like me who take gravity bong hits before 6 am for work..lunch break...after work...before dinner...after dinner...for each tv show that comes on next...before i go out anywhere...and before bed.
That godfather blunt (9 grams) didnt even get me that blazed...lets go take a few bingers of that sick New York City Sour Diesel.
by maryjane420 July 17, 2005
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someone who is acting crazy or not thinking clearly. absurd and way off base. behaving in a manner as to call your sanity into question.
"i know this nigga must be out his rabbit ass mind thinking i'm gone drive way crosstown to pick his ass up."

"this bitch must be out her rabbit ass mind calling my phone asking for ronnie."
by maryjane420 July 20, 2005
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a mind-blowing, spine-tingling form of sex between two consenting individuals. usually the type of intercourse that would be associated with sex with more than just one individual, as to be so exciting that you would think you had a threesome.
Raquel: "Yo Nat, i had a bomb ass twosome last night!"
Natasha: "For real! I been trying to have one with my man since we got together, but we still just been having sex."
Raquel: "well i hope ya'll have one soon cuz this shit is not missed!!!"
by maryjane420 August 24, 2005
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