N. A small, violent, rabbity thing; the Max in the word Sam and Max; a cross between a volverine and a rabbit
"You crack me up little buddy." "I'm a lagormorph, Sam."
by SMNMX March 13, 2004
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Bugs Bunny b 1 whack lagomorph, no wa um sain?
by david June 17, 2003
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A term that so specifically refers to rabbits that you'll only ever see it used as a tag on rule34, e621, etc.
Person 1: Do you see that lagomorph sitting over there?
Person 2: The 'ell is a lagomorph?
by Smelly Manchild March 29, 2021
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A fat, lazy man or woman who delegates all the work to someone else; Middle Management of any office.
by lag oh morf June 28, 2003
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