Expressing your wild or sexy side before going in for the kill (foreplay).

Said with the rolling of the tongue 'R' sound and usually making claw-like gesture with the hand/s to imitate a TIGER-R-R!
Person 1: Raar
Person 2: Bedroom...NOW!
by sunshiyong December 7, 2010
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A pussy-cat growl. A more femine roar.
Did you see those two girls catfighting today? RAAR!
by Devin Burritt June 26, 2005
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v; to roar, or occasionally, perhaps a quiet mewling-like sound, depending on the context it is used in.
Javelin Whitetail raaaaaaaaaaars.
Javelin Whitetail RAARS!
Javelin Whitetail raar.
Javelin Whitetail says, "Raar!"
by Jax March 31, 2003
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a word used for pratictly anything at all. it can be used to express anger, resent, hatrid, or to say a friendly hello. it is a very mistrious word.
"RAAR whats up my friend"
by Amesburian June 7, 2003
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A more playful ROAR, derived from other internet slang such as LAWL, KITTEH and such.
Teh Kitteh is so fierce.. RAAR!!
by sensemille July 28, 2010
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Awesome rock quartet from the Black Isle
mising new wave, psychedelia, old shool metal, classical, surf, psychobilly.
Spotted often in their natural Furry goat legs.
RAAR rock!
by Le Device December 23, 2004
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