A subreddit used by people who don't realise that they are normal people but still call other people "normies" as otherwise they can't cope with the existential dread of not being a very likeable person.
Person A: have you ever seen r/dankmemes?
Person B: please leave me alone.
Person A: fucking normies.
by Boston1989 July 5, 2019
A subreddit with the most unintelligent people you can meet. It has circlejerk of absolute mongoloids who continuously shit on Instagram for their horrible memes, even though both the platform and the sub share the same quality. Most of the sub is just a dumpload of extremely generic meme formats. How people even find them funny is a mystery to me.
Person One: Hey are you subbed to r/dankmemes?
Person Two: No, their memes are too generic.
Person One: Why do you not like it? are you a filthy normie?
Person Two: Go shoot yourself, fucking nerd.
by gabe fella October 8, 2019
Literally the most unfunny subreddit in the world. Only spams the same shitty memes that weren't funny to being with. Definitely subscribed to pewdiepie and never shuts up about Keanu Reevs
Bill- That meme sucks dick. Its something I'd find on r/dankmemes
Tommy- *proceeds to cry*
by Inconvenient MR2 May 15, 2020
A subreddit that has retards who call other retards normie and mods gay.
Hey that mod from r/dankmemes is pretty gay.
by biggerboy88 March 30, 2018
Reddit normie: hey check out r/dankmemes
Someone with a brain: no
by dlspr1 August 17, 2021
If r/memes was already bad, it is peak humor compared to r/dankmemes.

Only visit it if you want to have cancer.

Although it has the name r/dankmemes, the quality is more of a normie level meme.
Guy: How did that other guy get cancer?
Doctor: He visited r/dankmemes
Guy: oh fuck
The subreddit where unfunny memes are posted. It is also the den of band kids who use the memes found on the subreddit in order to annoy everyone around them.
"This is a big chungus moment" - a r/dankmemes user
by toastycrumpet July 10, 2021