when a girl twerks and pisses at the same time
i wa swit my gir and she is a freak she qwertyed on me
by asdfghjk;.,;.,;., February 11, 2021
The name of an anthropomorphic PC from the children's cartoon Veggietales. Qwerty did not talk but instead gave out advice in the form of biblical quotes.
We're here with qwerty to talk about what we learned today!

-Bob the Tomato
by k00ld00d321 December 30, 2005
what you type into google when you're so bored you don't know what to do, and you slowly realize how sad ur life is
*man types into google qwerty*
*hangs himself *
by UrbanDICKshonaryhaha October 5, 2016
adjective: something that is sexy and retarded at the same time
that hoe from last night was so qwerty that i came
by pinesbuttcheek February 9, 2020
the slang word used to fill that gap when you are simply speechless, no matter the context of the situation, when no other word will do it justice.
friend: "go look at the comment Will's girlfriend just posted on his facebook wall"
you: okay
friend: did you see it?
you: umm yes... qwerty


mom: your package came in the mail today
you: QWERTY!!!
by tenerual April 8, 2010
when stupid teens are bored and need something to do with life.
girl: im bored.
guy: me too.
girl: wow, we're so qwerty.
guy: yeah i know.

girl: theres never anything to do anymore.
by qwertylovaaaa August 12, 2009
Tony is such a qwerty, it makes me want to strangle him with his beloved keyboard.
by Paul Lemon March 30, 2004