A quokka is a small, majestic, native Australian animal. Quokkas are found in Western Australia and Rottnest Island, they are very friendly and love to come up to you and say hi! Quokkas resemble a joey and have cute little paws. Quokkas are known for being the worlds happiest animal because they are always smiling. :)
"Mikal, Christinaaaaa and Annacar went to Rottnest island to visit their quokka friends"
"awww that quokka is so cute!"
by Annacar Quokka October 21, 2016
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Super cute marsupial, found in Western Australia. It's mostly nocturnal, and eats plants and fruits. It has little paws, and resembles a very small kangaroo.
Australian: Look at that baby quokka!

Tourist: What's a quokka?
by jessie63 January 2, 2013
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Small rodent-like animal found on Rottnest Island, just of the coast of West Australia. They tend to trash hotel rooms if you leave the door open.
That quokka just tipped over the bin! Catch it!!!
by Spanky May 28, 2003
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A small fuzzy creature that is SO cute and I ADORE them, they only live at Rottnest island and has no natural predators so they are friendly to people and take selfies.

Guy 1 : "Hey I saw some quokkas yesterday"

Guy 2 : "Show me the quokka"

Guy 1 : *Opens briefcase showing a pack of smiling and happy quokkas*

Guy 2 : "Good."
by MemeBuster3641 October 21, 2020
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A cute Australian animal that looks slightly like a mini kangaroo or a rabbit. Quokkas are marsupials like kangaroos but are small- up to about 11lbs. They also hop on their small, strong back legs. They are known as the happiest animals in the world because they have smiling faces. Quokkas are also not scared of people and taking selfies is quite popular among the Quokkasm they enjoy cameras very much and will photobomb tourists and visitors selfies. This has infact become a tourist attraction to get a "Quokka Selfie" as a souvenir from Australia. Quokkas are very extraordinary and adorable animals.
"What's a Quokka? *looks it up* OMG ITS SOOOOO CUTE!"
"I want a selfie with a Quokka"
"Quokkas are the cutest because they are always smiling"
by Quokka.Cola June 27, 2017
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The rapist of the animal kingdom. Created when a Kangaroo and a Koala had a bit too much to drink.
Whoaa a cute Quokka
Agghhghghgg (quokka rape noises)
by quokka research team March 25, 2013
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A large pile of unwashed laundry that accumulates in the corner of ones room, common amongst teenage men. An overflowing laundry basket.
Clean up that Quokka pile!
by doof15 May 7, 2009
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