Quipping is when you say you are going to quit dipping, but you know you'll pack a lip within a few days because you are addicted.
"So, my New Year's Resolution is to quit dipping."

"Whatever dude, you're quipping."
by Hux1310 December 29, 2009
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Packing heat, having guns, being equipped.

Also: Quippin' - The state of being quipped
Rufus: Yo man, Im totally quipped. I got my mac 10 on one hip and my uzi on the other.

Sanchez: Dang vato, yall are quippin'
by B-Bizzle June 19, 2005
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One of the slang terms for someone who has an uncircumcised dick.
"Man, Jim is such a quip!"
by dudehoosits August 27, 2008
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Wearing your shirt or jacket quarter zipped.
Guy1: Does this quipped jacket make me look stupid?
Guy2: Does a quipped jacket ever not look stupid? Either zip it up or don't zip it at all.
by N&Epioneer December 5, 2013
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Quip Party (Qwhip Party)

1. Gathering of many females at a certain place or establishment at a specified time

2. Quip interchangeable for Female or Girl

3. Phrase to describe the tone of a certain occasion

4. phrase implying to odds of hooking up are highly probable

5. The ratio of females greatly out number males
Brett SmokinPole: I'm going to a quip party tonight

Ricky Spanish: *highfive* thatta boy

Brett SmokinPole: yaaaaaa

Ricky Spanish: okay then.

Brett SmokinPole: We done?

Ricky Spanish: Yes.
by BROchilli January 27, 2014
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a long recognised and overused remark.

a saying that may have originally considered witty and amusing but has quickly lost its effect and subsequent laughs.

popular examples include:
(ya mum, talk to the hand etc.)
you and your hackneyed quips
by Josh Kernich December 11, 2006
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To furnish oneself in the tools or mannerisms of a gangsta
also see gquipment
"Yo lets ride on this fool"
"Yeah got a vest"
"Well you better gquip yourself fool"
by F.O.R.Etold June 26, 2004
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