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annoying smart people who go to "special schools" and get "special" education which should be given to every one. The average quest is very out of proportion and bizarre in height, feelings, actions, and intelligence. They cannot settle for anything below an A and complain if the teach gave them points they didn't diserve. IN short, over analyzing assholes.
Side note: Questy chicks=mega hot some times...
The questys in my class are an example of people i DOn't wanna be
by No seriously, they annoy me February 21, 2008
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questies r a band of super cool nerdy people who rock my world! we r techies nerds preps goths and bookworms! QUEST ACADEMY 09'!!!!!!!
person 1: omg that person is super cool!
person 2: i kno how do u get that super delicious!?
QUESTIE!: its cause we're QUESTIES!
by blankcanvas August 01, 2009
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Questy can be used when describing someone you like. It's usually girls who us this to describe boys not the other way around. The boy tends to be of a certain trend
If a girls says to her friend "He's questy" she means that the boy is hot and she likes him. Trend wise the boy will most likely be something like 'skater' or 'emo'
by Pammi June 13, 2006
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