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Hip-Hop dance crew from Los Angeles, CA. founded in 2003. They combine their artistic creativeness to their performances and thats why they won Americas Best Dance Crew Season 3.
Dominic from Quest Crew is SO SEXY, i want him to show me those air flares in the bed!

by Tyronebubbajefferson March 5, 2009
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America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 Winners. Consist of 12 members: Hok, Ryan, Steve, Victor, Andy, Aris, Lydia, Dominic/D-Trix, Brian, Feng, Adil, NickyT. Predominantly Asian crew, except for Nicky T, and are some of the funniest people you've ever seen. Hiphop crew, mostly bboys.

There were only 7 of the 12 members on the show. (Hok, Ryan, D-Trix, Steve, Victor, Hirano(Brian), Feng)

Hok, Ryan, And Dominic appeared on SYTYCD (so you think you can dance)

Fans are obsessed with them,
and their hair, mostly done by Ryan.

Trademark: salute pose.

They got their name from Quest Learning Center, a center that let them practice in Artesia, California.
OMG did you see ABDC?

Yeah! I almost cried when Mario called Quest Crew! What do you think they use in their hair?
by questcrew May 16, 2009
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