5 definitions by DOMOWO!!!

to have gallons of cum shot into you
relating to the furry porn creator dreamer tooth.
person A: did you hear what happened last night?
person B: yeah, Diana got dreamer-toothed last night
by DOMOWO!!! March 28, 2022
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Usually paired with a picture of a broken monitor, laptop, phone, etc to ironically to make fun of people who do ERP (erotic roleplay) on discord.
Person 1: ahhh that was so fun
person 2: ''Damn shawty that e sex was crazy though'' (insert picture of broken monitor)
by DOMOWO!!! October 7, 2022
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Similar to black air Forces and white Air Forces, gray Air Forces are a type of air Force.

They are extremely rare and usually the person wearing them is either a NPC, depressed or doesn't exist, or are god himself.

how tf did they even get gray Air Forces Most people got white or black
EJ: bruh look at that dude
tyrone: don't go near him he got the gray air forces
by DOMOWO!!! October 6, 2022
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often used by veteran VR players to single out quest users
often used as a slur
person 1: want to play some VRchat?
person 2 (veteran): let's do a private lobby, I'm so tired of questies
by DOMOWO!!! June 26, 2022
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goober, relating to a cute unknown creature. like a fennec fox
goober is also used by a lot of furries
Matthew: ''awww, look at the goober''
Jack: '' what the fuck is that thing''
by DOMOWO!!! October 26, 2022
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