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verb. To expel air from the vagina; to queef. ("Queeve" is the verb form of the noun "queef," cf. "believe"/"belief", "grieve"/"grief", etc.)

past tense: "queeved"
past participle: "quiven"
Lenore spread her legs, braced herself, and queeved heartily. Clearly, she had quiven many times before.
by fauxbourdon December 03, 2005
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k-weev Noun.- A type of fart..that particularly comes from a women...usually in the middle of sexual intercourse.. when pockets of air are trapped in her... (holy land)... they sometimes pop....sounding like a fart but not really a fart.
Douchebag 1: So how'd it go with that waitress last night dude?

Douchebag 2: Dude we were right in the middle of it and all of a sudden she totally let out a huge queeve !!

Douchebag 1: Dude no way !!! How many times !?!?

Douchebag 2: I don't know but she was queeving alot... score !!
by Alfie_the_asshole October 17, 2009
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Is a term for an anal retentive or otherwise uptight individual. Can also be found in the adjectival form queevish.
Man, my teacher is such a queeve.


That was really queevish of you, do you know that?
by Schein Glick February 09, 2005
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