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What you say when you see/hear something thats gay, and wierd. Inherently means Queer and wierd
Tom: Hey Alex, did i tell you i made out with Jake last night? Alex: Dude thats queered.
by pandabearjohn December 22, 2011
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Skewed, messed, fowled, or fucked up. Broken or nonfunctional. Ruined, tainted, or changed....As in test results that are messed up; whether by accident, or deliberate action. Also any mechanical device or machine that is broken, or non functional for similar reasons.
1. "These test results are completely queered".

2. "This engine is totally queered, dude".

3. "You've really queered this whole party by inviting your jerk-off brother".
by Kirrock63 July 04, 2009
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