Lil' Kim herself; The Queen of all whores.
Man, Queen B can fit a sprite bottle in her mouth
by kokenjr January 07, 2005
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someone who thinks they own the friendship group and uses them as their puppets
by stocker lauren December 01, 2019
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They run shit! Baddest & the best! ride or die together group of girls! Love to fight & party hard! Up for anything, always act at the spur of the moment! never will let another queen down!
Pimpette , Queen B , Queen Bitch , QB
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A True Fashionista,One That Doesnt Follow Trends&Doesnt Care Wat People Think Of How She's Dressed..Open Minded.
"Look At That Girl With The Baggy Jeans&Cut Off Tank Top With Sneakers,AND She Has On Makeup,Is She Gay?"

"Naaah,U Close Minded Fool,She's Just A Queen B. (Fashionista)
by Queen B.Herself. October 12, 2008
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