A real queen who can get men to do the things she want's and needs them to do. A powerful fearless woman who is not afraid to assert boundaries and leave relationships that are not beneficial to her life. A woman who has multiple men in her life who assist her in making sure that her affairs are taken care of.
The Pimpette had a man who took care of her sexual needs and another who fulfilled her emotionally. Tinisha was a serious Pimpette who surrounded herself with men who were willing to assist her in making life easier.
by Tinishawah December 7, 2022
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The ultimate female who can get whatever she wants with guys (even small things like drinks and ciggarettes) just by playing with their heads and using her looks. A pimpette can also hook up with lots of guys over the course of a short amount of time (ex. 1 week) without committing herself to them (not waiting for them to call, not falling in love, etc.) Some pimpettes will have sex with men to get what they want, but often they will not give head. However, they will receive it from guys if they want.
Jenna's got all these guys wrapped around her finger, doing whatever she wants them to, and she doesn't love them at all. She's a lil pimpette!
by xx pimplayette August 31, 2003
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The word Pimpette, was derived from the Roman term "Pimp" meaning: A man that can attract women, with his manipulating words, and his charming persona, to get women to treat him like he was the best thing since "sliced bread." In turn, a Pimpette is the exact opposite of a Pimp.
Pimp: "Baby, if you trying to dine in all the fancy places, mingle with all the important faces, and stay cool, when ask you to have patience, then you need to come with me, so I can bless you with all my Amazing Graces."
Female: "And who is you."
Pimp: "Eternal Happiness."
A Pimpette is basically doing the same thing.
by PAPA J November 16, 2006
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1. Another word for female pimp
2. Describing an outfit as very gangster
3. Looking hot
Damn that dress is totally pimpette!
That girl is so pimpette.
by Lanyb October 23, 2007
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A girl that dresses flashy and wears clothes from designer companies. She also acts like a "pimp". They also take pride in the little things about them, and some tend to be perfectionists about their appearnce.
That girls shirt has "G-Unit" on it and she's dancing/mingling in the club, she must be a pimpette.
by Baby_Boo June 22, 2005
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A chick who can get as many guys as she wants, keep them if their worth it, and get anything she wants out of them.
I have 3 boys giving me head, buying me jewels and they dont know i just use them, I am a pimpette
by Pink Princess July 15, 2003
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female pimp, female with large number of males around her
(insert name here) was being a pimpette when she went to the movies with 3 guys
by Link of Crocker January 27, 2008
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