The most hilarious movie I've ever seen. The leather trousers of Stuart Townsend are such wonderful actors, why didn't I see them in another movie?
A critic about Vincent Perez's performance in Queen of the damned: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Dr Syn February 27, 2008
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The epitome of shit in every way, shape and form. The book is awsome though.
That movie queen of the damned really sucked. Especially that hack version of Lestat Stuart Townsend played. Watch Interview with the Vampire if you want a good movie true to the Anne Rice Books and who Lestat really is.
by Traveling Bob August 13, 2006
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I blew $20 on the DVD for this rank shit. Even though Aaliyah was racked and looking good, that didn't make up for the rest of this lame-assed movie.
by Eat a Bag of Hell April 24, 2003
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