A rock opera by The Who. It tells the story of a Mod named Jimmy and all of his misadventures. Like other Mods, Jimmy kept his hair short, wore nice clothes, rode a motor scooter, and took uppers.

Jimmy struggles with his job and homelife. He sees The Who in concert, later takes a train back to the site of a Mod vs. Rocker brawl, and discovers a shocking secret about one of his Mod idols.

Jimmy has four different personalities, hence Quadrophenia. Each is based on a member of The Who. He is a tough guy and a helpless dancer (singer Roger Daltrey), a romantic (bassist John Entwistle), a bloody lunatic (drummer Keith Moon), and a beggar and a hypocrit (guitarist Pete Townshend).

The Punk and the Godfather is an interesting track. At the beginning, Townshend can be described as the edgy Punk. However at the end, he seems to assume the role of the Godfather.
Can you see the real me?

I'm the guy in the sky, flying high, flashing eyes, no surprise I tell lies...

You stop dancing.

Nothing is better by the sea and the sand.

When I'm pilled you don't notice him. He only comes out when I drink my gin.

Love, reign o'er me!
by Jon March 18, 2005
The second rock-opera by The Who, it desribes the life of jimy, a mod from the 60s who embodies the 4 members of The Who. Quadrophonic was an alternative to stereo, which allowed 4 different channels, instead of 2. The name Quadrophenia was chosen to help describe th 4 personalities of jimy.
by wouldn't you like to know February 25, 2005
Modern times are as vibrant, puzzling and passionate worldwide as they were in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Society, demographics and economics are in a state of upheaval. For kids and their parents everywhere, this is the same feeling that was captured in the original Quadrophenia album and film. It was a contradictory state of confusion and finding oneself through what The Who categorized as the four elements/traits of a term they invented, “Quadrophenia”: the Tough Guy, the Romanic, the Hypocrite and the Beggar. Today it also becomes an environmentally conscious clothing/lifestyle brand by Alex Mardikian based around universal truths: Fashion, Music, Transportation, Identity. It’s clothing and accessories that make a statement, that revisit or flourish in the feelings of youth, that wear well and look hip, and that appeal to all demographics. www.quadrophenia.com
a contradictory state of confusion and finding oneself as a mod, a rocker or that of a mocker. The Road meets Rock meets Art meets Fashion. www.quadrophenia.com
by Official Quadrophenia October 18, 2012
Second Rock Opera album composed by The Who released October 19,1973.It is the story about a multi-personality mod named Jimmy.
1."I am the Sea" – 2:08
2."The Real Me" – 3:20
3."Quadrophenia" – 6:15
4."Cut My Hair" – 3:46
5."The Punk and the Godfather"1 – 5:10
6."I'm One" – 2:39
7."The Dirty Jobs" – 4:30
8."Helpless Dancer" – 2:32
9."Is It in My Head" – 3:46
10."I've Had Enough" – 6:14
11."5:15" – 5:00
12."Sea and Sand" – 5:01
13."Drowned" – 5:28
14."Bell Boy" – 4:56
15."Doctor Jimmy" – 8:42
16."The Rock" – 6:37
17."Love, Reign O'er Me" – 5:48
by Taxman September 17, 2006