an awesome song by the who; part of the rock opera quadrophenia.
by fjdakl; September 16, 2006
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Real me
What I meant by “real me” it was quite simple.

The “real me” is just a man in my XXth (you know my age), with gray hairs, wrinkles..

I can be slow - that really annoyed you.
I don’t like fights, I don’t like arguing with other people, or aggressively protect my point of view - “deer in the lights” :)), and that’s annoyed you the most, remember?

I was warning that you forgot me, the real me, that you have created illusion in your mind. Perfect, beautiful, ideal in everything, but that is not me, the real me in the real life. You might be very disappointed when that illusion fall apart if it meets the reality.
Real me
I should better think about headlines that I put.
That topic was really confusing for you. I can imagine how many theories your fast mind created in that moment.

Believe me, there was nothing like that, I would say even opposite to that :))), alas alas )))))
Of course I’ve made mistakes in my life, but nothing extraordinary. I don’t know how, but something always stops me at the last moment.

When I was talking about that my heart was broken many times, I’ve meant my marriage. Because of all that problems in my marriage, i seriously thought I had enough of that. At that time I’ve met her, and you have already know the rest.
by NeverSayNever57 December 15, 2021
NSN57 - Real Me
Real him
by The Journey® July 25, 2022
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Denotes whether a person is someone you know or not. If they are not real to you, you don't care about them and can joke about them without feeling guilty.
You might say, "He's not real to me," about someone you see at work but have never talked to.
People you swear at while driving in your car are "Not real to you." However, if they waive and you realize they are your best friend's Mom, they become real to you and you hope they didn't notice when you flipped them the bird.
by William F September 21, 2007
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A quote, from the anime , serial experiments lain (YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!) she is lain. We are. Lain LAIN LETS ALL LOVE LAIN!!
But then, where is the real me, after all is said and done? Oh, there is no real me. I guess that's it. I only exist inside of those people aware of my existence.
by Kyoukabsd June 3, 2023
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Popular scouse saying basically meaning "Don't get all serious and shit."
by ikillu101 March 11, 2005
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embodying and exhibiting features associated with it.

-popularized by drag queens.
serving me _ realness:
Girl: OMG her makeup . . . serving me "Claires" realness
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