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A show on the Discovery Channel hosted by Mike Rowe. He visits various job sites and has first hand experience with some of the most interesting but often grossest jobs ever. He has gone out as an oyster farmer, exploring a cave filled with bat guano (shit), and working at a brewery to make beer.
Dirty Jobs makes me feel better about being away from the muck that some people deal with at their work.
by funluvinguy February 19, 2006
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When you have 69 with a girl and while shes sucking your dick she takes a shit on your face and then she smushes it all over your face. often a funny thing to do is send in the video tape to "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" and laugh your ass ohh.
hey babe, give me a dirty job.
by dancingdildinos May 22, 2007
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After having anal sex with a female. the female then gives the male a blowjob with his penis which still has the remanants of fecal matter.
After having anal sex i made amanda give me a dirty job
by peter smelley December 27, 2006
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A show on the Discovery Channel, hosted by Mike Rowe, that shows the ins and outs of dirty and tedious jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. Each week Rowe does the job on location with a team of experts, and often utilizes sarcasm and humor to cover his frustration and disgust. And you can tell when Rowe hates what he's doing. One of the most disgusting jobs he did was being a sewer cleaner, making molds from sharks and artificially enseminating horses.
Dirty Jobs is disgusting, but very entertaining, and shows me the jobs to actually avoid in this life.
by November 14, 2009
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When someone has been doing work that gets their hands all dirty, like gardening,and then proceeds to give a handjob.
Mike Rowe gives the best dirty jobs after filming "Dirty Jobs".
Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs Handjob
by Hand Jacks November 04, 2015
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The nickname of a very sexy man from MSU. this man has a huge dick and loves to show it to everyone he meets.
Everyone at the party was mad at dirty jobs because he took all the girls and had sex with all of them in 10 minutes.
by Dirty Jobs December 02, 2007
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