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Modern times are as vibrant, puzzling and passionate worldwide as they were in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Society, demographics and economics are in a state of upheaval. For kids and their parents everywhere, this is the same feeling that was captured in the original Quadrophenia album and film. It was a contradictory state of confusion and finding oneself through what The Who categorized as the four elements/traits of a term they invented, “Quadrophenia”: the Tough Guy, the Romanic, the Hypocrite and the Beggar. Today it also becomes an environmentally conscious clothing/lifestyle brand by Alex Mardikian based around universal truths: Fashion, Music, Transportation, Identity. It’s clothing and accessories that make a statement, that revisit or flourish in the feelings of youth, that wear well and look hip, and that appeal to all demographics. www.quadrophenia.com
a contradictory state of confusion and finding oneself as a mod, a rocker or that of a mocker. The Road meets Rock meets Art meets Fashion. www.quadrophenia.com
by Official Quadrophenia October 18, 2012