The road is where white lines let cars drive safely, and where drivers have a mutual agreement to not play bumper cars.
"Hey dude, I'm going to go buy some groceries. I'm driving my car, wanna come with me on the road?
by I Took This Pseudonym December 26, 2020
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Being on road is dealing drugs or trafficking.
Yo Michael sorry bro I couldn't respond to your text last night I was on road.
by DuskVXI June 26, 2016
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A hard area,generally an estate,but it can be anywhere a lot of crime goes on.Lots of 'G's hang here and roll
He lives for the roads more time in pen dont waste you're time trying preach to him,blud this boy needs help no man can chat ta him..
by [SE]PEPPERMAN May 2, 2009
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Phrase used to describe the past or future road you have / will travel.
by larstait October 15, 2003
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there is always a road between two potholes in india .
by taandav September 30, 2005
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An erection males experience caused by the vibrating sensation from driving in a automobile.
Dude, I can't get out of the car yet. I still have a road on from that long ride.
by imdeadicated November 14, 2009
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Something we don't need where we're going.
Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!
by nickreaper February 15, 2012
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