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My one obstacle stopping me from being straight.
"I know I'm straight, but Ricardo is my obstacle!"
by helloitstaco May 19, 2019
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Common misspelling of Psycho. The word "pyscho" is commonly used by 10-year-olds making edgy Gacha Studio series , Gta characters, etc. with cliché characters / storyline. One example of this is LilyTrescotMSP's "The pyscho daughter". I highly recommend you don't watch it, as it is very, very cliché and cringey. (Also how does she have almost 200k+ subs?)
10 year old: "I play Yandere Simulator and Grand Theft Auto 5! I'm a pyscho! Fear me peasant!!
Me: So 90 million people are psychopaths and murderous killers? How about you learn some grammar and quit being an edgelord.
by helloitstaco November 27, 2018
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Aesthetic: Something that has to do with art, that is beautiful to some people, or an overused word on tumblr.
14 year old girl: Look at my aesthetic poster, it has so much aesthetic. Aesthetic, aesthetic, aesthetic!
by helloitstaco May 12, 2018
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