More silly scene/hXc internet speak. Variant of "own", thats pronunciation is undetermined. Whether it is "PAWN" or "POWN"(rhyming with "own"),is left up to dispute.

To "pwn" something or someone means something along the lines of "to be cooler than" or "to beat in a level of coolness and/or skill and/or etc".
Oh yeah? Well my Charmander PWNS your Pikachu!
by Alanaaaa May 26, 2006
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Pwns is a "l33t" word used for "Owns" which is used to mean someone is better than someone else, I. E. "He Owns(Pws) You." It's a stupid an annoying term that fits into the whole "1337" category used by stupid gamers who think they're cool.
d00d th4t g4me t0tally PWNS
by Adaon July 29, 2003
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using this word will designate you as a virgin for life
"Dude, I pwned that guy!!!"
"Yeah, and you 'pwned' your chances for ever getting laid."
by AzureKnight January 26, 2008
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To beat someone so badly, they must cry.
Person 1: Dude I just pwned you so hard.
Person 2: *Cries in shame*
by Mr.Grammar October 12, 2003
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A cliche word that everyone uses because they don't like to say "schooled" anymore. Welcome to the 21st century ladies and gentlemen . . .
"Oh, little Franky is getting pwned right now."
"What's he playing?"
"No, he's in Algebra 101 currently. Sorry, welcome to the 21st century."
by Man with the Iron Face September 03, 2007
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a dumb word a bunch of pimple faced internet nerds use to show they're e-skill.
people who use the words pwn, noob, own etc, will always have thick glasses & SOMEHOW think these words are cool. say that in public and get your pepperoni face jacked.
by xxdizannyxx March 05, 2005
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Pwn = own.
He, she, I, it, they, pwns.

Usually used in things like video games and on internet profiles.

Meant to be "own," but the typo "pwn" soon became very popular, thus the word own being forgotten from the English language.
Diana can pwn this pic.

Dave pwns my shirt, Alli pwns my jeans.
by APop June 18, 2008
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