A typo made into a ridiculous and abused catch phrase. Generally used when someone does something to another that is shameful or degrading. Commonly used by internet egomaniacs and morons or otherwise, stupid people trying to be "cool"
1. I are teh l337 cuz I pwned u!
2. Holy shit u R a m0r0n. PWNED!
3. Pwned is a word used only by true assclowns and egotistical fools.
by Andrew187 March 26, 2005
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To own at such an extent that the letter 'o' isnt a sufficient enough letter and hence was moved to the next letter in the alphabet.?
"dude I so pwn you!"
by Tashpink101 July 8, 2006
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More silly scene/hXc internet speak. Variant of "own", thats pronunciation is undetermined. Whether it is "PAWN" or "POWN"(rhyming with "own"),is left up to dispute.

To "pwn" something or someone means something along the lines of "to be cooler than" or "to beat in a level of coolness and/or skill and/or etc".
Oh yeah? Well my Charmander PWNS your Pikachu!
by Alanaaaa May 26, 2006
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To practice pwnage.
To be a pwn3r.
To urinate in the face of a sexual partner.
To literally rip the heart from your enemy and eat it while smiling.
by Sun Ovabitch February 3, 2006
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Adj; To dominate someone or something in every form or way possible.
by T. H. June 6, 2007
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to "own" something. To be better at something than somebody. To win.
"I will pwn your noob butt at halo 3."
by Sarah A November 6, 2007
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pwn is a internet/gaming/hacker/programmer/etc term meaning kicking some CYBER ASS
examplein gaming: wow man i totally pwned that match on halo
by donut bag January 4, 2009
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