A sock with a separation for the big toe; worn with thong sandals by the Japanese.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 12, 2011
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tabi is a beautiful bbg. she’s the most beautiful, gorgeous bbg to ever exist
i love my bbg tabi. everyone needs a tabi.
by I am a sexc bbg. May 5, 2019
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Tabi is the shortened form of the name, Tabitha. Tabi is an awesome, beautiful and just all around cool person to know, and if you don't know her, your life sucks.
Tabi is coming over and I can't wait to talk to her!

Tabi is the sexiest brunette alive!
by Scoobz October 30, 2006
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A hot skull man rapper in fnf with an invisible body that likes to blow up restaurants. Also gf's ex
by Jaredof November 23, 2021
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Type of footwear in Japan. The toes are always split. Most commonly used by ninja, as it helps one to move silently.
The Japanese soldiers in WW2, wore tabi when they were in the jungles.
by (insert name here) January 16, 2005
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A term used for annoying and bitch people
She is just a tabi
by Doodoo màn July 22, 2020
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Is a morbidly obese idiot. Is hated by most people and hates them back because she is a bitch. Has no life and is a *Certified Tik Tok bad boy* also is super cringy.
Ew... Tabi? I definitely don’t want to talk to her... she needs to jump off a microwave.
by I am a noob October 5, 2018
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