A Homosexual. A term used in prison refering to a guy that takes it in the ass. To Fuck an inmates ass like a pussy.
Inmate 1. Nice ass!!!
Inmate 2. For a Pack of cigarettes you can Fuck this Pussyass
by Realest Nigger July 23, 2006
Word used to insult someone who is weak, pefetic, worthless. Ussually used among males.
by Aztec Warrior March 1, 2007
You're a pussyass for letting people drink for you in beer pong.
by TravisIsAGeniusForDis March 7, 2014
When a male (typically homosexual) or female has an colon that's typically always ready for anal sex without the standard need of preparation by most.
A: "You let him fuck your ass without douching first?!"
B: "Nah. I enjoy Pussyass privilege."
by Stephen Glandsburg May 3, 2015
Condition when a woman's anus is stretched out as big as or bigger than her vagina as a result of excessive anal sex.
Cissy's Mother took it up the rump so much, she ended up with a bad case of Pussyass.
by AJVourakis February 10, 2009
An anus that looks just like a pussy
Omg I didn’t know which hole I was fucking looked like the girl had 2 pussies the second one must have been a pussyass
by Big T Hound October 21, 2021
The coward of cowards. A guy who is scared of an insect.
Man, that pussyass bitch is scared of everything. Fuckass!!
by djudjuy January 3, 2010