Condition when a woman's anus is stretched out as big as or bigger than her vagina as a result of excessive anal sex.
Cissy's Mother took it up the rump so much, she ended up with a bad case of Pussyass.
by AJVourakis February 09, 2009
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When a male (typically homosexual) or female has an colon that's typically always ready for anal sex without the standard need of preparation by most.
A: "You let him fuck your ass without douching first?!"
B: "Nah. I enjoy Pussyass privilege."
by Stephen Glandsburg May 02, 2015
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Word used to insult someone who is weak, pefetic, worthless. Ussually used among males.
by Aztec Warrior March 01, 2007
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It’s like sisoring but you rub the pussy on the ass hole and it makes a funny sound like water dripping but it is your poop rubbing all over that perfect pink pussy
The pest thing to look up on pornhub is pussy ass because the poop spreads like come
by pewdieboi69420 February 28, 2019
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During or after sex, your partner bleeds and defecates simultaneously. This is a very rare and often disconcerting experience for both parties. Pussy Assing most often occurs during vigorous anal sex.
1. "Oh Hannah! You have pussy-assed all over our new sheets! It's going to take a lot of work getting all these stains out!" Said Iain.

2. I just dumped my girlfriend last night. Out of nowhere, with no warning she pussy-assed all over the bed! I was completely splattered!
by Phillip Harding November 20, 2006
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