as a turtle hides with its head in its shell, so does a man hide his head like a bitchy turtle from pussy. Pussle ain't no more than a pussy turtle. A puss puss, pussmeister, pussenberger, pussico, pussiska, ho trick.
John Baptista never goes for the girl, what a pussle.
by DNA89 December 11, 2008
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Jane was well chuffed. She'd secretly fancied Andy from a distance for over a year, and they were eventually going on that all important 1st date. She was thinking of putting out, but after walking into the bathroom in Andy's parents house before the date, caught Andy having a pussle. Realising that Andy was hoping for some action from her later on, she changed her mind like a hypocritical bint and storm out before the date had even become. Andy, what a guy.
by listypoos November 10, 2004
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