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To makeout at McDonald's.
She smiled when he gave her the toy from his happy meal then Randy and Tina started to McOut, it was disgusting, they swapped fries.
by Jeremy Radd May 22, 2008

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The amount of eels you need to assure someone that something is not false.
Randy: Dude, I just did a backflip!
Travis: Yeah right, I don't believe you.
Randy: No! 4 eels!
Travis: Oh, sweet, good job dude.
by Jeremy Radd June 23, 2008

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When a woman dresses in men's clothing. The opposite of a man dressing in drag.

Tina looks so butch we she dresses in push, she's wearing a shirt and tie!
by Jeremy Radd June 12, 2008

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When something becomes uncool, like when your mom joins facebook. Similar to "jumped the shark".
I loved that band until they released that christmas album, that's when they really mommed the facebook.
by Jeremy Radd January 10, 2009

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A woman that dresses like a man.
With that pants suit Tina was a borderline push king.
by Jeremy Radd June 23, 2008

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