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In the 21st century, two men, generically named Tony and Jack, realised their lives were unlike those whom surrounded them. Tireless efforts to endure through life's many battles, only one name came with no surprise, to describe their such lives.

They are simply, profoundly, whom have no purpose when alive, nor purpose when deceased, the un-cared for, the un-needed nor wanted, the purposelessnessist.
When one realises they have no purpose in life and no one cares about one and vice-versa
by Tony January 12, 2005
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a person with no purpose in life, socially, and/or goals. Such a useless person, if killed impacts no one just as a stone thrown into a pond causes no ripple.
Such a useless person in society, with no purpose in life, in death, in society or hierachy, does not and cannot contribute to mankind in anyway shape or form except consume precious food for more deserving people, breathing in air of this already decaying environment.

almost without life, an entity without destiny, skills, ambition or requisits required for anything life has to offer.

Purposslessness usually derives from prolonged depression and the sense of having no reason for existing. Such an introvert who harbours such feelings for a profound period evolves into this "purposelessnessist"
mentally handicapped persons unable to recognise relatives or participate or contribute to the world or socially.

30 year old+ men who still live with parents who have never worked a day of his life
by Walcus February 01, 2005
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Simply a person who feels SHIT.
Often found participating in activities being POINTLESS.
Trying yet failing to enjoy LIFE due to SHIT
Occasionally found committing temporary SUICIDE(also known as sleep).
Example 1: "I'm going 2 die now"
*goes to bed and dozes off*

Example 2: "im going for...8 hour drive..
*gets in car at 11am and comes back at 7am-ish*
by LINX January 12, 2005
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now tree pple joined the sarga
tony simon and jack..
we all realized that life is shit and pple live in a fantisy of religion, ambition, love and passion.
through our lives we found that god has blinded pple in beleaving that theres more to life and theres a purpose but there really isnt.
the abitions of money, love and faith is a bottom less hole that you fill in but it never is full.
so living to try hard leads to nowhere but to a pittiful end....
we saw the light .. the purepose less of life cant not be discribed with just this word but somehting more grender ... known as purposelessnessist
the sence of purposelessness regarding life and its down fall spiral that people realise when seeing how life does not lead to any where.
a psy chological feeling similar to comfusion cause by an external stimuli from the coures of life.
by simon January 19, 2005
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