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(adj) The condition of having no faults, being completely extreme, and incredibly sick at life.
Remix the neighboorhod mailman who was also a professional snowboarder, was admired by all. His life was pure awesomeness.
by A. Mysta April 19, 2006

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(n) A person who is beyond gay. This person is not only gay, but also very effeminate.
Bob's brother caught him kissing a poster of Brad Pitt haning on his wall. For the rest of Bob's life, his brother called him a faggotini.
by A. Mysta April 20, 2006

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(adj). A person who is soo cool, words just cannot describe him/her. You'll never forget this person and their pure awesomeness. The complete opposite of a faggotini.
The brilliant kid was loved by all and was considered flaster-like by most. He even gave Mr. Flaster himself a run for his money.
by A. Mysta May 25, 2006

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(verb) Doin someones woman, or physically interacting with them in a sexual manner.
Dude, if your steppin on my beef, im a pop a cap in yo ass.
by A. Mysta May 31, 2006

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99 live super sudden death match in SSBM; with the best level for it probably being Hyrule Temple. Possibly the greatest thing ever. Go ahead, try it right now.
Me and my boys enjoy sniping bitches on the weekends, however, I am the one who usually wins.
by A. Mysta September 26, 2006

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