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A large pile of people of mixed sexes, cuddling and or heavy petting each other, usually with clothes on, but sometimes without. Not an orgy, usually done only by people who love and/or trust each other. Not always sexual, sometimes just a physical expression of love or endearment amongst multiple participants.

Originates from the carefree innocent love and romping play that puppies indulge in before they "know better."
So Sam and Lisa were in the corner cuddling when Sarah, Mike, John, and Tanya all joined in and it turned into a real puppy pile.
by AntonioC November 09, 2007
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A puppy pile is when a bunch of girls (sometimes a few boys, but usually just girls...) all sleep together in the same bed. most girls love to puppy pile... its how we sleep.

sleeping with your friends like a pile of puppies, all in one bed and on top of eachother.
on our school field trip, my girlfriends and i all puppy-piled in one bed.
by Genevieve M June 30, 2005
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to pile onto a fellow protestor at a protest rally, a protest march, or a situation where the cops are trying to arrest individuals in the crowd.

a puppy-pile is the attempt to either hold the person being dragged away down, or to suddenly create a mass tangle of bodies, in the hopes that the cops simply fuck off and let you to your democratic right to either protest, or dissent.
Protest Rally Affinity Group Instructor: "In any given protest against the State, the possibility exists that the cops will try and arrest you. Please indicate whether or not you would like your Affinity Group to attempt to Puppy-Pile you should the cops single you out
by atomicsteambunny April 15, 2007
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A puppy pile is when a group of inebriated adults decide it's a better idea to jump in the closest bed available, with whatever lack of clothing they still have on, and cuddle like a pile of puppies, until sobriety catches up with them, and they individually sneek out the back door.
*drunk in hot tub*
'Leona' - "we're out of beer! Let's go make a puppy pile!"
'JoJo' - "That sound's amazing! What's a puppy pile?"
'Leona' - "You, Z, your husband and I go crash in you'r bed!"
by leonaluv August 21, 2010
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