Very cute, most likely fluffy, creature. Another word for puppy.
Highly used in meme culture.
by OkGasMask May 15, 2020
Definitely nothing to do with an anus. Just another word for a small dog or puppy.
"Aww.. Your pupper is so cute"
"Excuse me?!"
"Your pupper! Er... your puppy.."
"Oh, thanks!"
by CommunistAgent666 October 24, 2022
(US) 1: Plural usage of the word Pupper.

(CAN. ONT.) 2: A fictional Beer from the Hulu series Letterkenny.
1: Look at all the little puppers!!!

2: Christ, Get this guy a fuckin puppers.
by Thiccolas Cage November 18, 2021
Boobs. Originated from the Norwegian word, 'pupper', which translates to 'tits' in English
"Lemme see those puppers!"
by DaSpencerHere May 10, 2021
A word used by people who don't understand English.
A word used by people who are trying to sound cute, but just end up sounding idiotic.
"Oh, look at the cute pupper!"
"What? Oh, puppy. Look at the cute puppy."
by LRedMustLive July 12, 2017
A beer used in the popular Hulu show Letterkenny and can be used as somewhat of a slang word
Somebody get this man a f***in Puppers
by Seamo_bojamo June 19, 2022