A word used by people who don't understand English.
A word used by people who are trying to sound cute, but just end up sounding idiotic.
"Oh, look at the cute pupper!"
"What? Oh, puppy. Look at the cute puppy."
by LRedMustLive July 12, 2017
A beer used in the popular Hulu show Letterkenny and can be used as somewhat of a slang word
Somebody get this man a f***in Puppers
by Seamo_bojamo June 19, 2022
Pupper is a tiny doggo but «Pupper» is also a norwegian name for «boobs» «tits» «titties» or whatever you would call it
That’s a tiny pupper

Damn hun har store pupper (damn she got big boobs)
by CheckYourStyle August 30, 2018
The preferred beer of characters from the show Letterkenny
Hockey player: “my girlfriend cheated on me bro...”
Anyone: “get this jock a fuckin’ Puppers so I don’t have to listen to this bullshit”
by Scroaty McDuggins March 1, 2021
A small cute creature, generally a snake or puppy. Used typically to sound funny. Came from my imagination.
Awwww, look at that lil pupper.
by wordsmithAce November 19, 2022