A very small doggo or a big ol’ doggo that like to act like he/she is little
Friend 1:Did you see that cute lil pupper?
Friend 2: Yeah he was so adorable

Friend 3: Awwww
Friend 4: Why do you guys keep saying ‘pupper’
Friends 1,2,3: Because it’s cute

Friend 4: Y’all weird
by Theweirdafladybug March 11, 2019
A canadian beer, often used to get your friends to quit their bitchin
by Theidahokid October 23, 2019
Turned into a puppet; easily manipulated or controlled.
Musicians are so used to being treated like puppets by their record labels, new artists seem eager and ready to get pupperized.

I don't know how she does it, but even the most independent of men seem to get pupperized by her charm.

I refused to be pupperized by their propaganda.
by The Mad Journalist April 25, 2010
When you've been triggered by a pupper.
Mike St. Was puppered.
by Katter da hatter October 16, 2017
“What furry are you?” “I’m Puppers.”
by Mrs Katie January 23, 2021
A word similar to “doggo” used by people, usually people ages 12-27, to make dogs sound cuter by placing unintelligently spelled words to describe them and their nievety. Words such as this proves the low level of comedy people these days possess.
Trina: show me a cute picture
Emma: here’s my pupper doggo right here
Trina: awww
Sensible thinking person: time to die now
by SamuelWilson615 April 16, 2018