Huge ass spike hairstyle worn by punks. Using some sort of adhesive they work their hair into seemingly impossible long spikes. Suprisingly this style dates back 2000 years ago when warriors from the celtic tribes of ancient britain would use lime to spike their hair into liberty spikes before going into battle.
whoa dude look at those spikes on that guy
Yeah thyre liberty spikes
by !!your name here !!!! September 05, 2006
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A hair style worn by punk rockers where a strand of hair is gelled or glued and then twisted at the tip to form a "spike". Eventually when gone through the whole head, it looks like the statue of liberty's spiked crown, thus giving it the name of Liberty Spike. Nowadays most posers wear them, who aren't really punks but do it for the fashion.
Real punk rockers used wood glue for their hair styles.
by RustyRazor November 09, 2003
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to spike (ones) hair into several tall peaks, like the statue of liberty, by use of gell or wax
"wow joel your hair looks awesome liberty spiked!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
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