"come on man jump..don't punk out"

" I just punked out 5 guys with bats by showing them my gun"
by dearborn1 February 18, 2005
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verb. when one does something particularly punk rock or to make one's appearance more punk rock (i.e. a spiked-up mohawk would be "punked out"). has nothing to do with the bad kind of punk, like in prison.
"hey man, you should punk out tomorrow and wear the bondage pants with the bullet belt"
by brody March 18, 2004
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To be made a fool of.
I got punked out by some kid at the arcade, bragging about his skills. And he delivered.
by D. Bruch December 15, 2008
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Some how give up over Cowardliness
You punked out of a $200 bet.
by Nice Man February 10, 2007
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dressed to kill in the DIY, punkrock style including but not limited to excessive safety pins, spiked hair, mohawks, chokers, patches, eyeliner, blood, etc.
I was punked out for the show last night.
by kristopolis November 5, 2006
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to quit, esp. from fear; to chicken out or back down as from intimidation;
scared or frightened to act; back down from a confrontational situation because you are too afraid to act.
After being challenged, he punked out.
You just got punked out! (=You walked away or retreated after being challenged, or verbally abused or disrespected.
by weave March 17, 2003
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