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8 definitions by brody

a quick tug of the sack skin. could be used as an offensive move by one of your buddies, or possibly a hot thing your skeeza does to you. its up to the victim/lucky guy. it must be accompanied by a long "whooooooo" sound as the tug is being completed.
"are you hungry man? i am, we should go for a........TAFFY PULL!!!!"(pulls sack)
by brody March 19, 2005
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A serpent in the shape of a's poison is sweet but deadly.
He got bit by a cervisial and his penis shrivilled up and fell off.
by brody December 11, 2004
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verb. when one does something particularly punk rock or to make one's appearance more punk rock (i.e. a spiked-up mohawk would be "punked out"). has nothing to do with the bad kind of punk, like in prison.
"hey man, you should punk out tomorrow and wear the bondage pants with the bullet belt"
by brody March 18, 2004
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When amy squirts fudge from her vagina
by brody April 30, 2003
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a name for a motorcross kid who rides dirtbikes
that trevor dude thinks he so chill just cuz their now calling him a bro.
by brody October 26, 2004
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shes a stupid fuckin ugly bitch. she only got famous due to her sisters sucess. she thinks hes a rocker but everyone know shes really some stupid fuckin blonde under your black fuckin hair. get a life, STOP SINGING, YOU SUCK
shes fuckin emo that cant sing for shit
by brody December 10, 2004
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a word used to describe slutty preppy chicks. used predominantly by other preppy's while they roll in their parents new cars.
Hey Bupinder Dhaliwal, did you see that buntie walking by Pic-A-Flic? I wouldn't mind making her one of my wives.
by brody December 18, 2004
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