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someone, usually famous, who has no right to be where they are.

someone who is glorified for no reason whatsoever

someone who is famous for being famous

a useless figurehead
george w. bush, paris hilton (note: i would still eat her ass for weeks), the toronto maple leafs, brad pitt, any cast member of "friends", shania twain, steven a. smith, steven segal (yes, i went there!), carrot top, jeff foxworthy and anyone who drives, works for, or is a fan of nascar---go fuck your sister

ryan" that charlie sheen is a no talent ass clown!"
by Whit Diesel April 08, 2006

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a person who, if murdered no one would care, and the police shouldn't waste their time investigating see:paris hilton or any member of 'nync or the backstreet boys

someone who really doesn't deserve to live
ryan "hillary duff is a living joke without a punchline"
random 16 year old girl "hillary duff rules you are just jealous!"
ryan" umm why are your pants still on?"
by Whit Diesel April 08, 2006

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