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A person who is incapable of performing the simplest of task correctly. Usual symptoms include poor hand-eye coordination, zero common sense and the general illusion that they are special (caused by parents referring to them as such and the numpty not fully grasping the meaning implied).

Common causes are being dropped as a baby or repeated heavy blows to head in later life.
person1: Jeff could you pass me the pen?
Jeff: ooops! (while dropping the pen)
Person1: Jeff you're such a numpty!
by punchlinestapler September 21, 2010

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A persons face that simply by its presence demands action, usually punching (kicking, slapping or stabbing also apply).

Victims are helpless to resist physically damaging people who don't cover up their 'Punch me face' due to an allergic reaction with the optic nerve.
Examples include but are not limited to: Justin Bieber, The cast of jersey shore

Person1: There is a Justin Bieber gig tonight.
Person2: They have to pay security A LOT to keep the audience back at his gigs
Person1: why? His musak sucks!
Person2: Yes, but he has punch me face
Person1: You mean like the cast of Jersey Shore?
Person2: Correct Sir!
by punchlinestapler September 23, 2010

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