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mike became famous in the Age of Conquerors world through never being able to find his last resources on every map.

it happened to him so often, that people started using "i pulled a mike" for the instant understanding of their team mates.

to "pull a mike" means to not find some resources (usually sheep, often a boar as well)
BuZZ_TheViper: srry guys, i pulled a mike...
_Ares_: 11
BuZZ_sletten: 11
_Ares_: fakken mike...
BuZZ_sletten: np, i stole from mine, i send you
by ipulledamike April 04, 2011
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1. Offering useless information at any given moment most notably while the listener is intoxicated.

2. Wanting to have philosophical conversations at an given point in time.

3. A guy who works a girl up sexually and then changes his mind at the last second about having sex with her.
1. Drunk girl: Hey, letttts gooo ouuutsh.
Aaron: You shouldn't go out in your condition. If the air was to mix with your blood at a certain rate...
Greg:(whispers)What's he doing?
Jake: He just pulled a Mike.

2. Tara: We were making out at a party and he pulled a Mike. He started talking about Nietzsche.

3. Jen: So I'm not dating _______ anymore.
Tyler: Aww hon, I'm sorry. What happened?
Jen: We were in bed last night and we were messing around and pulled a Mike.

by amyfishhouse May 15, 2008
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To pull a Mike refers to get a negative result on an examitation/culmination.

A mark less then 0% is considered a less then a failing mark as one recieves a mark below the possible mark possible to achieve. (The person who wrote the preceding sentence pulled a Mike 'cause they can't spell right.)
1. Guy 1: So what'd you get on your math exam?

Guy 2: I got -8% because for question 3a (3+8) I told my teacher to fuck off. She gave me a negative mark 'cause of that.

Guy 1: Wow you really pulled a Mike.

by ArkaneDemon July 10, 2008
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