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A term used to describe something resurrecting itself. This is especially applied to electronics, as they seem to be found doing this the most often, though it can be applied to anything.
My digital camera stopped working. Unless it decides to pull a jesus again, I think I need a new one.
by Jessica June 05, 2005
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1. When someone accomplishes something in a way that seems miraculous.
2. When someone tries to resolve a disagreement using jesus or the bible to back him/her up.
1. They thought he died in that weird cloning experiment but he pulled a jesus.
2. He was really pissed, but then she tried to pull a jesus on him and made it even worse.
by SabMaster February 03, 2010
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verb: To act in such a way during sexual activities that one looks surprisingly akin to Jesus Christ on the cross. To do this, one lies motionless with arms spread, making out in such a way that it is commonly confused with gagging.
"I can't believe that Todd would pull a Jesus last night: I guess he was drunker than I thought"
by hugedick April 07, 2009
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